Jun 20, 2009


The internet bandwidth in Iran has been extreemly reduced in order to limit the communication. Checking few e-mails takes almost an hour with dial up connection. For ADSL connection there are waiting lists, without knowing how long to wait. The Persian sattelite TV's covering actual situation in Iran, are hard to receive.

After a week of demonstartions, massive arrests and number of bloody clashes (caused by unsolved election dispute), it seems that confrontations may toughen up in coming days. The friday-speech of religious leader put an end to any hope among reformists that a recounting of votes will turn out in their favor. Last evening people were to hear again on the roof of their houses, chanting "Allaho akbar" and "death to dictator", this time louder than before! That's one of the ways they communicate and express their feelings...

Somehow I do feel isolated these days. Maybe because I do not shout anything against or in favor of anybody. Based on my own doubts, I did not vote in this election and since then I haven't been to any rallies. By the way I sense what's going on around me and I am concerned as much as every one else.

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