Oct 29, 2009

Visiting Arri Lighting

Arri Lighting Solutions, Berlin

Arri Lighting Solution,Showroom (Studio)

Arri Lighting, Reparation Room

Klaus (Mid-East sales director), Me & Thaddaus (Service Engineer)

Newly developed LED background of Arri

Won awards by Arri, including Oscar's

Old Arriflex film camera - office of German film fundation

Posing with Arriflex

Antic Arri Light Projector

Most Photos by Ramin Farahani , Berlin 2009

Oct 16, 2009

Walk down tallest building of Berlin

Photos by Ramin Farahani , Berlin 2009

This week I was staying at Park Inn hotel in Berlin, the tallest building of the city located in Alexanderplaatz (old center of east). While looking to the outside view from my room, it was sort of strange when I saw people at the square staring to the top of building. Soon it became clear that there is a free fall system on the top and every one can pay to feel the thrill of jumping.

As you see in my photos (above) it is also possible to kind of walk down the tower, which gives you more time for excitement. The photo below shows the moment before free fall, which takes only few seconds.